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Samurai Siege

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I might would take pride been samurai. How could you not? You wander about within an awesome suit of armour, sword by your side, protecting the residents of small villages, and dispensing cold hard justice as you desire.

Perhaps Samurai Siege will capture many of this heroism, nobility, and feudal swagger. Perhaps it is going to transport us to a an entire world of honour and sacrifice, where tradition means fighting and there is a word for testing a new sword for a passerby ("tsuji-giri").

Or maybe, if the screenshots are everything to overlook, it's another Clash of Clans clone, the kind of which we have seen time and again.

Join me once i figure out.

First impressions

"Don't judge an ebook by its cover," wrote a smarty-pants some years ago. Sadly, the same doesn't find a way to affect screenshots on the App Store.

Wouldn't long, Samurai Siege is Clash of Clans by having an Japanese theme. Similar to what snidely predicted above.

Until now the plot is innocuous nonsense. Your village is destroyed after panic or anxiety attack, and you must rebuild. Sensei and Commander Ren explain the (familiar) basics from the game, and you simply will gather resources.

There's 2 types of resources - Coins and Essence. You employ Coins to make defences, and you use Essence to learn new troops. You'll be able to distribute troops to battles, but you don't possess direct therapy for them. You just need to tap in places you long for them to appear they usually automatically attack buildings.

You create new buildings to collect more resources or protect your village, and look forward to them to construct. Alternatively, you can speed up accomplishing this with premium currency.

Sound familiar?

The sole major difference There is on the Clash of Clans formula is always that I unlocked still another builder immediately, that will i want to initiate the construction of more buildings sooner.

Day 3: Hunkering down

I've played samurai siege cheat for several days now, despite I'm still absolutely convinced that that is a (very loving) homage to Clash of Clans, I'm beginning observe that it's geared more towards hardcore players.

It's constantly pushing you towards PvP multiplayer, for starters. You could rebuild the Alliance Portal to request troops from the get-go; if you setting off to consider the overall game will usually suggest you fight a web based opponent; and also as soon as you are in an Alliance you obtain a part of Wars.

Wars are where all Alliances that happen to be fighting for dominance to the leaderboards battle one other. It is a neat addition, and I certainly felt more linked to my fellow clan members than I did in Clash of Clans.

I'm enjoying the progression, and getting one third builder has produced working all things in the experience easier. Wait times can be a bit too lengthy in my tastes, however this isn't an title that you're going to spend hours at a time on - it's actually a dip-in-and-out almost affair.

Progression is familiar, but given a new lick of paint. I've unlocked the ninjas, which are fundamentally the goblins from Clash of Clans as they specialize in stealing currency. Nevertheless the way I've done same with by progressing through the campaign rather than by hitting an experience level. I believe like I have been previously rewarded for forward movement, as an alternative to for filling a bar.

Until now, then, I'm keen to find out a greater portion of what Samurai Siege can give, even if just what it can give has up to now been the latest carry out a well-worn genre.

Day 7: Evolutionary

7 days after starting Samurai Siege, as well as differences between it and Clash of Clans do understand, or even particularly striking.

To utilize traditional online games as examples, the real difference between Clash of Clans and Samurai Siege would be the in between Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3, or FIFA 2000 and FIFA 2001, or Gran Turismo 3 and Gran Turismo 4.

It is an incremental improvement on the formula instead of revolutionary one. Casual players are unlikely to notice any differences.

You continue to lose all troops you make use of in battles, for example, which can be still an irritating method to balance the gameplay. But occasionally you will find battles providing that you simply few units - without cost - that are just about crucial for the successful realization of that single-player encounter. It encourages that you leave your comfort zone in relation to strategy, which is a welcome addition.

I favor the presentation, but the visuals are simply just marginally superior to those present in Supercell's game.

The only one improvement i always really appreciate influences realm of defence. Building and upgrading walls is really so less difficult in Samurai Siege than in other games in the genre, but it ensured which i dedicated to this element in excess of I normally would.


I love Samurai Siege, then. It is an enjoyable, marginally improved carry out another game, plus it moves its aim a little more towards competitive play.

Hardcore Clashers will need to provides it their attention, as will individuals who overlooked all of the Clash of Clans hubbub. However if you've already determined that this brand of tactical resource-management isn't your thing, Samurai Siege won't convince you.

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Samurai Siege
I might would take pride been samurai. How could you not? You wander about within an awesome suit of armour, sword by your side, protecting the residents of small village